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Ceramic fiber felts

Ceramic fiber felts are produced from corresponding blowing fiber (ST, HA, HP, HZ) with vacuum formed technology.  Ceramic fiber felts not only possess the typical function of ceramic fiber, but also have hard texture, excellent toughness and intensity, and excellent fire resistance and heat preservation. They feature low thermal conductivity and low heat storage, excellent thermal stability and thermal shock resistance, and outstanding acoustic insulation.

Classification temperature ℃ 1260 1260 1360 1430
Working temperature ℃ 1050 1100 1200 1350
Melting point ℃ 1760 1760 1760  
Density Kg/m3 168-280
Liner shrinkage (max) 3%    1150℃x6h 3%    1260℃x6h 3.5%   1300℃x6h 4%     1500℃x6h
Chemical content (%) Al2O3 45 48 52-55 35
Al2O3+SiO2 97 min 99 min 99 min 84 min
ZrO2 - - - 12-15
Size (mm) Length 600
Width 400
Thickness 10-100

Lining of ceramic kilns and glass kilns
Lining of industrial furnaces such as crack furnace
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