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fiberglass insulation sleeves

fiberglass inslation sleeves

Fiberglass insulation sleeve

Various electrical insulating sleeves are manufactured by using materials of polyester fiberglass and silicon rubber. There are full range of different specifications with the nominal inside diameter between 0.5mm~30mm, breakdown voltage between 1.0~15.0kv, retaining the maximum working temperature between 105 C~180 C.
 With continuous research and development in product diversification, the manufacturing process are devoted into a systemic and professional flow under a strict quality control method, the products have already passed the UL approval in the USA and gained a sound reputation in product quality by customers.

silicone resincoated fiberglass sleeves
Silicone resin coated fiberglass sleeves
Treated at a high temperature and braided with fiberglass and coated with silicone resin. Silicone fiberglass sleeve possesses good qualities of dielectric, self-extinguishment, excellent softness and elasticity.

It is widely used as wiring insulator for H grade electrical machinery, domestic electrical appliances, electric apparatus, and also for the protection of collected strands of wire.

Nominal inside diameter 0.5mm ~ 30.0mm
Maximum working temperature 180 C
Breakdown voltage 1,000 ~ 12,000 volt
Resistance to flame VW-1
Color red , black, yellow, orange, blue and green

polyurethane coated fiberglass sleeves

Polyurethane coated fiberglass sleeve

PU fiberglass sleeve is manufactured with fiberglass braided sleeve and coated with a layer of polyurethane resin, and then thermoset to form F grade insulating sleeve.
PU fiberglass sleeve possesses reliable heat resistance, good qualities of dielectric, fair softness and elasticity, Benzene resistance and oil resistance.

It can be used for wiring insulation and as mechanic protection for electrical machinery, electrical appliances, electrical instruments, wireless sets and domestic electrical appliances

Nominal inside diameter 1.0mm ~ 30.0mm
Maximum working temperature 155 C
Breakdown voltage 1,500~7,000 Volt

  Polyester coated fiberglass sleeves

polyester coated fiberglass sleeves


Braided with polyester-fiber and coated with a special kind of polyester varnish. Polyester fiber sleeving possesses good qualities of dielectric, excellent tensile strength ,softness and elasticity.

It is widely used as wiring insulation for motor, transformer and electrical machinery.


Nominal inside diameter 1.0mm ~ 30.0mm
Maximum working temperature 120 C
Breakdown voltage 1,500~7,000 Volt
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