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fiberglass weaving tapes

Fiberglass tapes

Fiberglass tapes manufactured from texturized fiberglass yarns. Whether the construction is knitted or woven, Texcel tapes are the choice in environments where 550 C degree (1000 F degrees ) is the daily norm. The tapes will not burn or smolder and retain as much as 25% of its tensile strength at  550 C degrees. They exhibit a high strength-to-weight ratio while maintaining excellent flexibility.

texturized fiberglass tapes
Texturized fiberglass woven plain tapes---550℃
Fiberglass plain woven tapes are the choice to make when a stiffer, more rigid construction is desired, such as in a door sweep or similar environments. Due to the rapid production capacities of woven materials, it is also very competitive in cost for which would be a major concern in your application

Used in ovens, furnaces and boilers as a door sea
Used as pipe wrap in such applications as steam tracer lines
Used as tadpole tape gasket covering material
Used other gasket and insulation applications

Style No. Thickness (mm) Width (mm) Roll length (m) Weave
TF4110 1.0 20-500 30 Plain
TF4115 1.5 20-500 30 Plain
TF4120 2.0 20-500 30 Plain
TF4125 2.5 20-500 30 Plain
TF4130 3.0 20-500 30 Plain
TF4160 6.0 20-500 10 Plain

texturized fiberglass knitted tapes


Texturized fiberglass knitted tapes---550℃
Fiberglass knitted tapes emply a unique knitted construction that offers specific advantages over woven tapes in certain applications. Knitted tapes are easy to wrap, easily taking a radius of up 90 degrees without buckling and because of the cellular knitted construction, they are more durable under abrasive conditions and provide better insulation properties.

Thickness: 2mm-3mm     Width: 20mm-200mm     Roll length: 30m

textrized fiberglass laddrer tapes

Texturized fiberglass ladder tapes---550℃
During the weaving, warp yarns can be eliminated in order to leave a leak in the center of the tape. This can make easier their fitting when either bolts or screws are present. 

Thickness: 2mm-3mm     Width: 20mm-200mm     Roll length: 30m

Fiberglass tape finishes
In order to meet special purpose or to increase some peculiarities, these tapes can be treated in various ways. With different temperature resistance and special properties, they are applied in a wide range of industrial fields.
Finishing style Temp. Feature Application
A Aluminum foil laminating 550℃* heat reflection, abrasion proof general purpose insulation
B Adhesive backed 550℃* heat protection
D Dying and coloring 550℃ heat protection
G Graphite coating 750℃ increase resistance to abrasion and  flame
H Heat cleaning 550℃ decrease fumes, good cutting resistance
R Silicone rubber coating 260℃ high thermal and mechanical load, resistant to chemical
V Vermiculite coating 850℃ increase resistance to abrasion and  flame
W Steel wire reinforcing 550℃ increase tensile strength
*Fabric is 550℃ while mucilage is 300℃
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