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Ceramic fiber paper
Ceramic fiber paper is made from the special ceramic fiber that contains little residue, through process such as slurrying,  removing residue, mixing slurry, long-mesh shaping, vacuum dehydrating, drying, cutting and rolling. 
Ceramic fiber paper features high temperature, chemical corrosion resistance, thermal shock stability and low thermal conductivity. It has low density, high strength, good resiliency and excellent sound absorbing and filtering property. It is suitable for temperature up to 1000oC.
Classification temperature ℃ 1260
Working temperature ℃ 1000
Density Kg/m3 200+/-15
Thermal conductivity by mean temp. (W/m.k)  (Density 200kg/m3) 200 ℃ 0.075-0.085
400 ℃ 0.115-0.121
600 ℃ 0.165-0.175
Organic content (%) 6-8
Chemical content (%) Al2O3 45-46
Al2O3+SiO2 51-52
ZrO2 -
Size  Length 20m, 40m
Width 0.61m, 1.22m
Thickness 1mm, 2mm, 3mm
--Insulation, seal and safety materials for industrial need
--Insulation and heat insulation material for electro-thermal equipments
--Heat insulation materials for automobile