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Who we are?
Texcel Co., Ltd,  a middle sized company, is one of the leading suppliers of thermal insulation, heat protection, high temperature sealing and construction materials. Quality and reputation are the most valued factors in our company. Top priority is given to product quality in order to achieve high performance.  Long run business relationship based on mutual understanding and trust is always preferred.
What we are doing?
Texcel fiberglass products include fiberglass woven fabrics, woven tapes, braided, twisted, knitted ropes and tubes, welding blankets as well as electrical insulation tapes and sleeves. Texcel ceramic fiber products range from yarns, fabrics to tapes, ropes and sleeves. 
What are the product features?
Texcel  products are asbestos free, cause no harm to health, making them ideal replacements to asbestos ones. They resist most acids and will not burn, rot, mildew or deteriorate. They have low coefficient of thermal expansion and relatively high thermal conductivity and can dissipate heat more rapidly than asbestos or organic fibers.
What are the applications?
Outstanding temperature and strength properties make Texcel  textiles valuable over a wide range of marine and industrial applications. The major industries served by Texcel  include power station, mineral processing, cement and mineral sands kilns, petrochemical and chemical processing plants.